The People of Cross & Anchor

Leslie Anderson

Leslie Anderson


Martha Andrade

Martha Angelica Andrade


The Aristarchus Family

Jenn & Ota Aristarchus


Laura Aspelund

Laura Aspelund is a lifelong Alaskan and is currently a medical student. She loves to get outside to fish, hike, and camp with friends and family, especially with her dog Willow!


The Baqui Family

John Baqui, Carol Baqui, Alofa Baqui, Adrian Baqui, Carina Baqui, Gloria Baqui, Adelyn Baqui, Christine Maafala


The Chronister Family

Jonathan  & Teresamarie Chronister


Happy Chronister

Happy Chronister Is excited about attending church at (AC)2 with her adult children and grandchildren. (Jonny and Tet Chronister, Jenna and Daniel Bird, David and LeeAnna Chronister)

She is a retired ASD teacher and retired pastor’s wife. Her focus now is to provide help and support to her family’s ministries and invest in her grandchildren.

Happy loves to travel, visit with friends and relatives, play card games, cook and bake, write and sing Bible verse songs, and volunteer.

She was recently divorced after 47 years of marriage. She lives with her son, David, and daughter-in-law LeeAnna Chronister so that she can run 3 Airbnb’s out of her south Anchorage family home.

The Cooper Family

Sam, Eve, Hannah, Annalise, and Eleanor Cooper


Marti Deruelle

Marti is an adventurous, single woman who loves to spend time with her family and to take extensive road trips. Currently she is visiting her sister and traveling to various states in search of warmer weather.

Marti has four adult children and 12 grandchildren. Her Alaskan time is divided between Anchorage and Willow to be with them all.

When Marti’s husband, Bruce, died 2 1/2 years ago, she started attending Anchorage Cross and Anchor Church, whenever she’s in town.

The Dunlap Family

Brent & Amy Dunlap are busy raising three Christ following soccer players. Nevaeh (16), Keaden (14) & Alannah (11).

The Ide Family

We are the Ide family. Tommy, Gabby, Ethan, Eli and Noelle. We are from Anchorage, Alaska. We have all been raised in the Anchorage area. We have a dog named Thor, six chickens and love Jesus with everything we have. If you have any issues with and financial issues, Please reach out to Tommy or Gabby. We have a heart for helping people navigate the difficulty of financial burdens.

Ethan is an aspiring actor, and loves Taylor Swift. Eli loves video games. Noelle loves to play with our chickens and all kids of art. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur. All three kids are learning Russian.

Laura Ide

Laura Ide


The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy’s were established in 2019. We are a spontaneous, hardworking and
strong loving family seeking more than surface level relationships.

Katya is a counselor at Cornerstone counselling, Tom is a teacher for the ASD, Sam is
an aspiring artist and skier, and Emilia is a Varsity volleyball player at GCS.

The Langford Family

Ken and Cyndi Langford


The Logan Family

Alex and Beraiah will be celebrating 3-years of marriage and members of (AC)2 in the early months of 2024. Beraiah was brought up to Anchorage with the Air Force in 2014. Alex spent his early years in Anchorage, his family moved to Seattle in the 3rd grade and he returned to Anchorage on his own in 2006. From the purchase of her home in 2014 to meeting Alex in 2018, and separating from the military in 2022, God has laid the foundation for their life to remain within the Alaskan Community.

While Beraiah utilizes her veteran educational benefits returning to school full time, Alex spends his days building and remodeling homes. They love to camp, fish and hike in the summer, but find zero issue nestling in their little home during the winter. Between cars and house projects, they never find themselves bored at home.

While Alex enjoys Theology and Cigar nights with the guys, Beraiah spent a year helping to coordinate and deliver Lyfepacts to young mothers between Anchorage and Wasilla through the YoungLives ministry and now she is beginning to explore her calling to prison ministry.

We are excited to see what God has for us in these coming seasons of congregational growth with the inception of more small groups and community outreach ministries!

Theron McGrew

Theron McGrew


The Oberlander Family

Matt is a transplant to AK; the United States Army brought him here from CA in 2006. He fell in love with this state and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Callan grew up on Kodiak Island, AK. After graduating high school, she attempted to live outside of AK, but couldn’t stay away for long due to her own love for this beautiful state and what it offers.

Matt and Callan met in 2011 and got married in 2013. Together they enjoy working out and raising their animals. Their little urban farm includes a Nigerian Dwarf goat, Joseph; an American Bulldog, Stella; chickens and ducks. Over the course of their marriage, they have either served in or led churches, being part of 2 church plants, which includes (AC)2.

Debbie Pepper

Debbie is a lifelong Alaskan. She and her husband, Bob, enjoy retirement with their dog, Sam.

Debbie enjoys spending time in her garden in the summer & sewing and knitting in the winter months.

Debbie is proud to serve as Finance Secretary & Hospitality Team Leader for AC².

Her passion is serving others with Joy!

The Primm Family

James and Aaleyah Primm


The Reed Family

Jason and Jennifer are both lifelong Alaskans, and have 3 grown sons, 2 daughter in laws, and one grandson to keep them on their toes! They love to spend as much time as they can down in Homer.

Jason heads the homeless ministry Street Reach, in addition to being the lead for church setup. Jennifer is responsible for scheduling volunteers. They love to be with, and serve their community.

Kjirsten Swanson

Kjirsten Swanson


The Woolsey Family

Newly blended (Married December 2022) Italian and Mexican American family, the
Woolsey-Sigalas are HOTC refugees that have sought asylum with (AC)2.

Deb Sigala and Jeremiah Franco merged with Rob and his twins Georgia and Jackson
Woolsey.  The struggle of merging a tri-tween family is real. God help us.

Both parents are long time believers and committed to raising children of God. And of
course, we like long walks on the beach.

Rob facilitates a men’s group every Thursday called “The Herms” and he supports
Deborah as a Young Lives mentor and business owner of Meraki Floral. Deb also
serves in our women’s ministry team. We are enjoying spending quality time with our
children doing all the things and love people.